Frequently Asked Questions

What type of guarantee comes with the product?

A: All products come complete with the manufacturer's warranty. Warranties starts on the day you made your purchase..

Can I get my new product installed?

A: Yes Professional installation is available for every product we sell. Please call or book for your product installation and an technician will call to arrange installation for you.

How do your prices compare to the other brands?

A: We monitors our competitors' prices on a daily basis to ensure that Electromart is always giving you the lowest possible price. We live up to our slogan "your world of electronics."


Washing Machines

I have been told that I must use HE (High Efficiency) Detergent in my front load washer. Is this correct?

A: I STRONGLY recommend the use of HE detergents in High Efficiency Front Load Washers.

Keep in mind that the tumbling motion of a front load washer lifts the clothes and then drops them back into the water.  With regular laundry detergent this action “whips” air into the detergent and it becomes trapped creating over sudsing.In addition to using HE detergents you should also run a cleaning cycle once a month using a product called AFFRESH which you can get from our parts department. Use of this product will help keep your washer clean and odor free.

Should I change the fill hoses on my washer, and if so how often?

A:  Yes, you should, and I suggest every 3 to 5 years with inspection of your hoses every few months (look for bulging).  When you change your hoses, I recommend either using stainless steel or the new Industrial Grade Hose.

CAUTION! you should only buy a hose that will allow you to insert a MESH WASHER – if you can’t you’re asking for trouble, sediment can otherwise pass through and cause your valve to stick open causing flooding, leading to thousands of dollars damage.

Why does my washer smell musty or like an old fish tank?

A: The two most common causes of ODOR in a washer are the use of too much detergent and the temperature of the water is too cold. This causes a buildup of odor-causing residue (and a great place for some other nasty stuff to grow).  I have found a great product called Affresh™.  You use one tablet a month and it keeps your machine clean and fresh by getting rid of the odor-causing residue.  It’s also septic tank safe. We carry Affresh™ in our store.

Where can I get my LG /Bruhm washer repaired in Ghana?

A: At Electromart, we repair all home appliances:  Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Electric Ranges, Stoves and Cooktops and Ovens.

Our Technicians are our own employees and are factory trained, we do not sub contract out repairmen. To request for a repairs and servicing issues please Contact our service center by



Basically, there are 7 types.

  1. Bed Side Refrigerators
  2. Table Top Refrigerators
  3. Top-freezer refrigerators

Top-freezer refrigerators are the most economical to buy and many still find this style of freezer section the most convenient. They are the most popular choice when it comes to capacity ranges.


This model offers a choice of pull-out or door-access frozen food compartment. While some like this style of refrigerator, others do not. This style influences the ticket price considerably and models offering a bottom freezer tend to be in the larger capacity refrigerators.

Side by side refrigerators

This type of refrigerator offer lots of convenience when it comes to having more frozen foods easily accessible. They're very affordable, look stylish and the narrow door swing is a good choice for small kitchens. However, they are only available in models with 450L and above. 

French-door refrigerators

French-door refrigerators will cost you much more but with this style, it's easier to place trays and bulky items and they usually offer lots of cold food storage and an ample freezer compartment. You'll only find this style of refrigerator in the larger capacity models.


What size / capacity is most suitable for my family?

Once you've established installation and type, you can decide on capacity. If this will be your main refrigerator, size this appliance to meet your family's needs. Buying an overly large refrigerator which may remain partially empty will only use more kitchen space and increase purchase and energy costs. If you're buying a spare or beverage refrigerator, a compact model under 300L may be sufficient. A 400L size can be adequate for a family of 4, but a 510 – 620L or higher would be better for a large family.

How full can I pack my freezer?

There is generally no limit to how full it can be. Just take care not to block air vents. For best efficiency, try to keep it at least half full.

Where can I get my refrigerator repaired?

 A: At Electromart, we repair all home appliances:  Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Electric Ranges, Stoves and Cooktops and Ovens.

Our Technicians are our own employees and are factory trained, we do not sub contract out repairmen. To request for a repairs and servicing issues please Contact our service center at


What is Energy Star?

A:  ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

The ENERGY STAR label was established to: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and

Make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models. Look for the ENERGY STAR Label that may appear on the appliance, the packaging or the Energy Guide label.

 I’m a “Do-It-Yourselfer” should I buy Appliance Parts on-line?

A:  Like anything else that you purchase over the internet, you need to be aware that you can be easily scammed. Low prices could be an indication of an inferior product, and appliance parts are no exception. Rarely will you find a factory authorized appliance part at a very low cost. These parts are known as ‘derivatives’ and look the same, but will not last as long, nor function as well as the factory authorized parts that you can buy from us.

Pop-up Oven Toaster

Is it possible to toast and reheat at the same time?

A: No. The appliance only operates one process at the same time. It therefore grills in the vertical position and reheats in the horizontal position.

What is the best type of bread for an even toasting result?

A: Use standard square cut bread. Remember that stale bread toasts faster than fresh bread; frozen bread takes longer. If a slice of bread gets stuck, switch off the appliance and leave it to cool. Unplug the appliance before attempting to remove the bread. You can then remove the bread without the risk of touching a hot element.

Will the toaster get too hot or burn my toast if I use it several times in a row?

A: The toaster comes with sensor browning control to toast successively several slices of bread with a constant result keeping the same temperature setting. It has been tested in our labs that there'll be no burnt toasts.

Electric Kettle

Can I cook in the jug kettle?

A: It is strongly not advisable to boil anything other than water in the jug kettle. 

  • Never put foodstuffs or foodstuff additives into the kettle.
  • Never heat milk or stock on the kettle. Do not place any objects in the kettle.

Why does it have filter when it is only advisable to boil water?

A: The filter in the kettle is a scale filter. The scale filter is used to filter out the powdery whitish layer in your kettle. Lime scale deposits on the bottom of the kettle result in loss of energy and can affect the service life of the appliance. The appliance switches off before boiling if the layer of scale is too thick. It is then very difficult to remove. The appliance should be de-scaled regularly depending on the level of the water hardness.

What is the temperature of the boiling water?

A: The boiling water is approximately 90°C and above. However, the boiling point of water depends on the water purity. Water which contains impurities (such as salted water) boils at a higher temperature than pure water.

 Microwave Ovens

Do I have to preheat the microwave when I use it to reheat?

A: No need to preheat the microwave if you are just using it for reheating purposes. You only need to preheat the microwave if you are doing convection cooking.

How do I know if the temperature I set to preheat in the microwave for convection cooking have reached?

A: When the appropriate temperature has been reached, the beep will sound twice and the temperature set will flash on the electronic LED screen to remind you to place the food into the microwave.

What is the difference between oven cooking and microwave cooking?

A: The convection oven cooking is different from microwave cooking because of the different heating functions available in the oven:

(i) Convection function which transfers heat via the hot air circulation assisted by a fan.

(ii) Heating functions via the heating element i.e. top heater, bottom heater and grill.

Microwave oven heats food by passing microwave radiation through it and this wave make the food cooked from within the outer surface and the cooking time is shorter as compared to the oven cooking method.

How do I know the utensils e.g. bowls, cups, plates can be used for cooking in the microwave?

A: The proper utensils which can be used for microwave cooking are those that have a statement printed "microwave safe" at the base of the utensils. This means these utensils are certified and safe for use in microwave cooking. Utensils without "microwave safe" should be checked to ensure they are suitable. Place the utensils in the microwave along with a glass filled up with half full of water. Heat up with maximum power or "High" setting for one minute. If the item is hot, you should not use it. If it is just slightly warm, you can use it for reheating but not for cooking purpose.

If the item is maintained at room temperature, it is suitable for microwave cooking. Metal utensils and utensils with metallic trim should not be used in the microwave, unless specifically recommended for microwave use.

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