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Conditions for Repairs/Warranty

  1. Please produce Original Service Job Sheet while taking delivery of the product. Somotex Ghana Limited (hereafter referred to as “Company”) reserve the right to refuse the delivery if the Original Service Job sheet is not produced. Delivery may be made to claimant only on the company being satisfied of legal ownership of the claimant.
  2. For repairs under warranty, Card must be produced at the time of delivery of the equipment for repairs.
  3. The company is not responsible for the accessories not recorded in the service Job sheet.
  4. A fresh estimate will be provided by the company through a letter/ telephone for repairs exceeding the amount approved by the customer on the service job sheet.
  5. Repairs will commence only on approval of repair estimates. Customer shall pay normal inspection charges (as applicable) and collect the set immediately if repair estimates are not approved as above. Non collection will invite action stipulated under clause No. 10.
  6. No warranty or guarantee on spare parts replaced shall be applicable for out-of warranty sets. However, should a defeat recur within 30 days of repair carried out, the labor charges shall be waived-off.
  7. Company does not guarantee the product quality being “satisfactory if the set has been attended by any unauthorized service center (service center is not authorized to make any modification).
  8. Company shall not be liable for any loss/ damages arising out of circumstances beyond its control.
  9. Spare parts for products more than 5 years old (end of production of manufacturing company) may not be available. Repairs of such sets may be taken up, subject to availability of spare parts; in such cases, the company reserves the right to refuse or accept.
  10. In case the spare parts are not available and have to be arranged/sourced afresh, a tentative date for repairs will be indicated and the customer will be required to deposit 100% advance, prior to sourcing of the spare (s).
  11. An intimation may be given by the company by telephone or by letter at the contact number and address on the service job sheet provided by the customer or at telephone number/ address otherwise intimated (in writing) by customer.
  12. Company will not be liable for wrong address or telephone numbers provided or for non-provision of forwarding address. Company’s obligation shall be complete on, intimating the customer by the company, in writing, by post.
  13. The equipment should be collected within 15 days from the date of intimation on production of the Original service job sheet, otherwise accommodation charges of ¢1.00 per day will be levied subject to a maximum of 30 days, after which, the company shall dispose-off the equipment to recover the cost incurred on it.
  14. Under no circumstance shall the set be retained by the company beyond a period 30 days from date from the date of repair or non –approval of estimate. Unclaimed articles beyond 90 days shall be auctioned or appropriated towards recovery of repairs charges, accommodation charges, etc.
  15. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of local courts where the service center is situated.
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